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    Highly-Rated Electrician in Lake Charles
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Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
First-Class Electrician in Lake Charles
Need an Electrician in Lake Charles? Know that Douglas Electric has an exceptional electrician that guarantees all work. Regardless of your needs, Douglas Electric will always provide you with professional results. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
David Douglas Sr. is the proud owner of Douglas Electric and is a resident of Lake Charles. Previously, David provided electrical maintenance at one of the major plants in the Lake Area. This company serves all of Southwest Louisiana. Make sure that you give David a call if you need an electrician for your residential project.
We Specialize in Residential Electrical
New Construction...

If you are building a new home, you will need a competent, licensed electrician that can wire your home to your specifications while adhering to state and local electrical codes and standards. You can rest assured that Douglas Electric will complete your project in a professional, efficient and timely manner.

All First-Time Customers and Senior Citizens should check out our Discount Coupons and take advantage of our discount offers.

Remodeling Services...

We offer customized electrical remodeling services and advice for homeowners. If you are wanting to build a new addition to your existing home or simply replace outdated wiring... Douglas Electric offers specialized electrical wiring services to meet virtually any wiring need. If you are planning to remodel your home, please give us a call today and secure a "Free Estimate".

Repair Services Include...
  • Breaker Box (Electrical Panel)
  • Electrical Outlets and Switches
  • Ground Fault Receptacles
  • Overhead Electrical Service
  • Aluminum Wiring (Repair or Replacement)
Our Mission Statement
Douglas Electric is dedicated to providing you quality service, professional results, and the dignity that you deserve as a valued customer. We guarantee your satisfaction in all that we do. If you’re not satisfied with the work that we have done, simply let us know and we’ll do everything in our power to make it right. No brag... just fact!
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
Electrician in Lake Charles, LA
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Serving Lake Charles, LA
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